AirCatch has been designed to simplify the process of saving files from Tablet devices to Windows Servers. Every App, pictures, videos, music and documents created on the tablet can be sent directly to folders on a the server, eliminating the problem of how to archive and present work.

DMS Assistant for SIMS
Document Management Server Assistant (DMSA) for SIMS gives the ability to batch scan documents into SIMS in a few simple steps. The software was designed to aid education establishments clear their paper archives in favour of storing documents electronically within their school management system, SIMS .net.

It may be straight forward to copy dozens of photos onto the network, using them in Word or PDF documents without resizing can cause problems when later trying to email or print those documents.
EfficientImage solves this problem by automatically monitoring selected folders, and resizing images based on profiles.

Metis is a software tool for Sharp mashines designed to report meter click information either collected automatically from the email server or entered manually.

OneStop MSPPortal
OneStop MPS Portal is a tool that automatically collects meter readings from any networked printer or Multi-Functional Device (MFD) on a network. It can also be set up to monitor the current status and consumable levels of all network devices to aid a pro-active response should a problem appear.

OneStop MPSKey
OneStop MPSKey is a USB device that provides a snapshot of all the devices on a network, together with detailed meter readings, quickly and easily. So if you are visiting a customer for the very first time, you no longer need to spend time walking round the whole building trying to find all the printers and writing down the meter reading information for each one.

PrintRelease has been designed to make secure printing easier than ever before. Utilising the latest embedded technology on printers and MFP’s, it is very easy to install and implement and provides a simple cost-effective solution for a wide range of corporate environments.

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