Easy to use, cost effective secure printing

Ensuring that users print what they want, when they want, is key to any modern print strategy. BITS PrintRelease has been designed to utilize the latest embedded technology on MFDs to assist with this task. Users simply print to a central queue, then collect their output from their chosen device when ready. Having authenticated to the network, users are presented with a list of waiting print jobs. They simply select the job they wish to print and it is delivered to the device for printing. The benefits of BITS PrintRelease include :
Improved security - documents not left in output trays, but collected immediately by the user
Reduction in waste - users only print the documents they actually want
Greater flexibility - if a device is busy, a user can simply choose to collect their output from another printer

PrintRelease is available for the following platforms : HP OXPd, Ricoh SDK/J, Samsung XOA, Sharp OSA, Xerox EIP Coming soon : Brother BSI, OKI Open Platform.

- Simple installation process
- Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory
- Network login, PIN or swipe card support
- Report on all print activity
- Jobs can be set to automatically delete at set time or after set period

PrintRelease Server Requirements
- Windows 2003 / 2008 Server
- Microsoft SQL 2005 or later Express, Standard or Enterprise
- .Net Framework v3.5
- 1GB Available Disk Space

PrintRelease Device Requirements
- HP OXPd 1.6 or
- Ricoh SDK/J v2.11 or
- Samsung XOA 1.0
- Sharp OSA 3.5 or
- Xerox EIP